It was almost dark last night when I went out to close up the baby guinea and chicken coops. I couldn’t see into the guinea coop and I didn’t hear them chirping, but thought they must be clumped up into a corner as usual. This morning when I went back to let everyone out there were no guineas in the coop. I looked to see if an intruder could have come into the coop and attacked them but saw no sign of it.

I searched for areas the guineas could have wiggled through but saw none. Sonny and I thought we had the coop and fencing secure enough but apparently there must be a space big enough for the little ones to jump through. I saw no signs of an attack. Not a feather, not a wing, or half eaten bird. It is as though someone came in and scooped them all up closing the fence gate behind them.

I have walked the perimeter of the property numerous times today trying to listen for frightened peeps. Unfortunately there are so many birds twittering in the trees and brush along with Roo Roo’s crowing and the adult guineas sounding off that it is hard to pick out any specific tweets.

I thought maybe a snake might have gotten into the coop, but it would have had to be either an anaconda or an over stuffed snake to eat seven birds. If they were attacked by a raccoon or something I think some of them would have survived. Even though they walk together in a cluster like ducks some of them would have scattered.

I believe they found a small escape route and once outside were either eaten or succumbed to the elements. I left the fence gate and coop door open all day hoping some of them might find their way home, but no luck yet. I’ll keep it open tonight too. You just never know…there could be a few survivors.


5 Responses to LOST BABY GUINEAS

  1. ron says:

    Seems the guinea fairy not giving u a break
    sorry about your loss
    do you have any more eggs that can be hatched?

    • lkjobe says:

      I just noticed tonight that my female guinea was not on the roost. She must be sitting on a nest. I’m missing one chicken too. I think it has a hidden nest as well. Hopefully the guinea and chicken vortex dosn’t suck them both up tonight. I can’ t afford to lose any more. I miss those squawking little buggers.

  2. Pat Jobe says:

    sorry about the babys. maybe you’ll get lucky.

  3. james bates says:

    Any luck on finding the babies? Vortex is right, hmmmmm. It makes ya wonder about all the possibilities, that could beset them. Kinda bites.

  4. Sonny says:

    Soon we hope to have one of the hens move into the new coop and start sitting on some eggs. Maybe we will have a better out come.

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