Where have we been?


Wow, we have been off WordPress for a number of years now haven’t we. Seems that Linda got burned out doing the majority of the posting and I just didn’t pick up the slack.

We continued to pay our subscription just in case we wanted to drop off Facebook and I think that was a good choice.

We are still here in West Virginia and still living off the grid as before with very little change to the configuration.

We did put up a small wind generator out here. Seems a 400 watt generator was not near big enough to be much of a value. It was more like a trickle charger to the battery bank. Also last spring it was struck by lightning and we have not lowered it down or even ordered the new circuit card.

I may start this blog up again. We will see.



2 Responses to Where have we been?

  1. bobusn says:

    Happy Pi Day! We’ve missed you!

  2. librarynbct says:

    Missed you all! Welcome back! It is a lot of work keeping up a blog, and you all had a lot to do to get your farm established. Hope you and Linda will have more time for quiet contemplation now. I enjoy hearing your thoughts.

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