Where have we been?


Wow, we have been off WordPress for a number of years now haven’t we. Seems that Linda got burned out doing the majority of the posting and I just didn’t pick up the slack.

We continued to pay our subscription just in case we wanted to drop off Facebook and I think that was a good choice.

We are still here in West Virginia and still living off the grid as before with very little change to the configuration.

We did put up a small wind generator out here. Seems a 400 watt generator was not near big enough to be much of a value. It was more like a trickle charger to the battery bank. Also last spring it was struck by lightning and we have not lowered it down or even ordered the new circuit card.

I may start this blog up again. We will see.



6 Responses to Where have we been?

  1. bobusn says:

    Happy Pi Day! We’ve missed you!

  2. librarynbct says:

    Missed you all! Welcome back! It is a lot of work keeping up a blog, and you all had a lot to do to get your farm established. Hope you and Linda will have more time for quiet contemplation now. I enjoy hearing your thoughts.

  3. Robert Loar says:

    Glad to see you back.Hope you stay.

  4. Guy Dent says:

    Hello. I just saw an (old) youtube on you two. I had to find your blog. You should consider getting a little camera and doing vlogs on youtube and make a little money that way on adsense. I have so many questions, I will watch your past blogs. My main question today is, are there building codes in the counties in West Virginia? I am in Oregon, and we cannot build anything except a little shed without inspections. As you know that makes things difficult and expensive. I am curious if perhaps West Virginia may be a good place for me to move and live in the woods, and off-grid. Instead of Alaska (getting difficult now, and there’s all that snow) or Texas (heat, hurricanes). Thanks!

    • Sonny says:

      Many counties here are a bit lax on codes and permits. I won’t say you should or shouldn’t do what I did but it worked for me. We like our county and it is very rural and pretty easy going. We are also on FB just search for Off Grid in West Virginia.

  5. Kathleen Bolyard says:

    Are you gonna start up a community? Im looking to join an off grid community. I love WV but hate the politics and corruption. Im looking for my peace in this world and being self sustaining, off grid would be just that. Im hardworking work in the construction trades and have for 8 yrs. now. If looking for a member to join yoy in your journey please contact me back. Thank you for your time.

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