Fall Harvest

September 29, 2010

Mom, Janice and I were busy today making home-made apple sauce.

Stirring the Caldron

Ready for Fall


September 29, 2010



Yesterday at noon I got a voice confirmation from someone at Frontier that they would be out on Tuesday to today to complete my installation. I even got a automated phone call last night that required me to confirm receipt of the notification by pressing #1 reminding me that someone will need to be there between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Well it is nearly 3:00 p.m and no one has showed up yet. For anyone interested in reading about my nightmare dealing with the phone company check this out.  First Contact and more on the story here at More to Come.

Well they never showed up. So on Wednesday morning I called Frontier again. They tell me the technician couldn’t find my house. What a joke. Up to this point, 2 Frontier engeneers, a Frontier install guy with a ditch witch and a back-hoe have found it. I asked if the ticket includes the details that I had provided about directions due to the last time one of their boneheads used that excuse. Nothing.. I asked them why they even bother asking me for the details if it is not included? Chirp…Chirp…Chirp. They are going to try again tomorrow.


September 26, 2010



Below is why I was disqualified from the Axe Men TV series. It took a wild turn and went backwards then made a right turn straight into the crook of another tree. No need to even mention it is crossing the stream. It may be there for years.

Not what I expected


September 22, 2010



WHEW DOGGY it’s been hot today. Ninety degrees!  Summer and Autumn are in a brutal battle over the Throne of Seasons.

Summer keeps trying to hang on Autumn’s tail by a craggy claw.  It blows it’s firey dragon breath on us once in a while to keep us aware that it hasn’t given up yet.  We are under a sever thunderstorm watch so I imagine we may be caught in the middle of an engagement. The sun is shining at this moment, but I see angry black clouds marching in this direction.

Coming Soon

Soon the armies of Summer and Autumn will be assembled and the lightening effects will begin as they clash, followed by loud canon booms. We may even see some hail arrows fall upon us. Who will the victor for this week?  Better take cover.


September 20, 2010



I would like to know whose bright idea it was to buy unfinished cabinets for the kitchen.  Oh…that would be me.  Can I just smack myself?  It seemed a good idea at the time and they will look very nice when they are finished, but what a job.   I have been looking at these plain cabinets hanging on the walls of my kitchen for over a year and have wanted to put a paint brush to them. I went back and forth between stain or paint and decided I would paint them plain white. It will brighten the kitchen and in later years when things begin to look drab a new coat will make things fresh again. I just despise applying the base coat of primer on the raw wood. It never seems to go on smoothly and the wood quickly sucks it up.   I decided to tackle the bottom cabinets first. That way the job isn’t so overwhelming. The camera captured the blue in the tarp but the doors are actually white.

Little Helper

I did have a little helper today. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and came back every time I shooed him away. I wouldn’t be surprised if little paw prints show up on the cabinet doors. Apparently, Moby has decided I am his best friend and knows I can’t stay mad at him when he puts on his kitten charm. I believe he has added a few more white stripes to his coat today. Bad kitty!


September 19, 2010



The weather here has been so dry that the creeks barely have a sip of water left in them. We have had a few thunderstorms in the past weeks, but the clouds hardly let out a spit of rain and it wasn’t enough to wet the dust down. Most of the rain from the storms bypassed us, veering either North or South of us by a few mere miles.  Friday night was a different story.   We knew rain was in the forecast but not the storm we got. John and Carol were over visiting and at about 8:30 it started to rain with some rumbles and lightening in the distance.  Shortly after they left our weather alert radio went off warning that severe thunderstorms and possible high winds of seventy miles an hour were headed toward our county.

We got a little worried about John and Carol.  Large limbs or trees could fall across the roads. It happens all the time.  Thank goodness they made it home without any mishaps.     Sonny and I quickly put up the porch chairs and a few things that could go flying in a heavy wind. We stood on the porch as the rain came down in sheets and then the roar of the wind came up the backside of the mountain.  It blew across the tops of the trees and swirled down into the meadow. Lightening flashed across the sky and thunder boomed. I think we must have been on the edge of the higher winds. As quickly as the storm came in it moved on, but the rain stayed behind and gave us a good dousing. The ground and plants greedily soaked it up and by the next afternoon the creeks had subsided. Today, our creek is completely dry again.  The wind blew down a few limbs but nothing major and the yard is littered with dry leaves. The PV array even held up to the high winds. The summer has been so dry that the leaves will not sport the firey colors of Autumn this year.  Maybe next year.

Despite all that we were able to get some more wood stacked into the woodshed. We took the chain saw and cut up some of the trees that had previously blown across the road. The state or local nieghbors usually just cut them enough to clear the roadway and they lay along the side. It’s good seasoned wood so we thought we would take advantage of it. We have a lot of trees on our own property that need to come down but that wood will not be seasoned enough for use in the wood stove this year.

Hopefully we will soon get the wood stove installed. Sonny called a local company two weeks ago to to come out and give us an estimate on putting in the triple wall pipe for the wood stove chimney. Of course no one showed up the first and second appointments that were set up. Sonny set up a third appointment for last Monday and someone actually showed up. The guy took the measurements and told me he would call with the estimate that night. He also said he could come out this Monday and do the job. Sonny has called the company numerous times this past week to see what happened with our estimate. I’ll let him explain that little frustration. C’est la vie.

On another note. I got these plates at the local Flea market Saturday for .50 cents a piece. I thought they were really pretty.


September 13, 2010



Well their time has come.  My favorite pair of shoes have went from cradle to grave.  These babies have about a zillion miles on them and although they are nearly shot they are still the most comfortable shoes in my closet.

This is just another of my many “Lucks” that I have had over the years. Every 5 years or so I start getting nagged by Linda that she won’t go out with me if I insist on wearing those “wore-out pieces of leather”.  I had always talked of somehow putting a piece of car tire on the bottom like a re-cap to get a bit more life out of them.  I think I may get them bronzed or something and hang them on my car mirror.  Fair-Well, your Watch has been Relieved.

"Looking Good"

Well today Linda must have had enough.  I got a email from her telling me she found a long lost “Child of Lucks” just sitting at a Thrift Store waiting to be adopted.  This pair of youngsters will like all the others, never be untied and will always just be slipped on.  I’ll crush the heel until it knows to get out of the way because my foot it coming in.

You have a lot to learn - Rookie

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