Yesterday was another warm and mild day but the nights are becoming quite cool. It won’t be long before we wake up to see a crisp and sparkling frost covering the grass and brush. Sonny and I decided it was time to dig up the sweet potatoes. I have to say that they were pretty disappointing. They grow well in the southern states, but I’m wondering if we actually have the proper climate for them.  Either that or we had poor soil and some kind of bug.

Poor showing

We will be lucky if we get six or seven edible potatoes out of the bunch. They have little tiny holes in some of them and they didn’t seem to form well.  They looked a lot like our red potatoes. I will have to do some research on them.  If nothing else we may just chalk it up to experience and forego growing them again next year.  While we were digging the sweet potatoes we uncovered a few more pumpkins hiding in the overgrowth. They are kind of puny but I’m sure we can get a couple of pies out of them.


The garden is officially finished. Now we need to burn off the debris and throw a layer of nutritious manure on the surface, curtesy of John and Carols donkeys. We also have some compost curing that will be ready for Spring. We’ll get this soil in shape yet. All in all we can’t complain about this years garden.  Although not a prize winning one, it provided a learning experience and some produce too.




3 Responses to EMPTY GARDEN

  1. Sonny says:

    Next we should train Ruby to clean out the Jeep. Now that would be something.

  2. C Jobe says:

    Ruby should clean it out, its her fur that is junkin it up =)
    You’ll have better luck next year with the garden, I think with this being your first one, it was awesome. Harold and I enjoyed the squash that came out of it.

    • lkjobe says:

      She stayed right there with me while I wiped the inch thick dust from the interior. That’s what happens when you drive with the windows down on a dirt road, but who wants to be closed up when there is fresh air to blow through your hair. I guess I would have made a good dog since I like to hang my head out of the window. Ha!

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