Last year we put our bird feeders on a standard Shepherds Hook type of thing.  It worked fine until something pretty heavy decided to bend the 5 foot hook to the ground. It looked like a big “U” when we found it. The plastic feeder was destroyed and the biggest piece remaining was about 2 inches. We were not sure if it was a bear or a raccoon that decided it was hungry enough to due it in.

Last weekend we decided to get the birds ready for this winter and wanted to try to do a better job and install a stronger system.  We picked up a 6 foot piece of Chain-Link fence post from Lowe’s and used the fence post hand pounder to get it into the ground. We put a cap on it, a hook and hung the feeder.  We will see how it holds up this winter.

New Feeder and Post


2 Responses to BIRD FEEDER

  1. James Bates says:

    maybe you should of called it a Bear Feeder. PS by the way I think it is against the law to bait for bears. LOL now that’s funny but it might be about par for PHF. AND I am glad Founiter/Verizon finially responded to ya

  2. Sonny says:

    We think having the dogs around will deter the bear from coming around. They smell the dog and will go somewhere else. We seem to have plenty of acorns and other nuts this year also.

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