Sunday morning Sonny and I decided to crack open the FRANKEN EGG. We were unsure what might be hiding inside the grotesque oblong egg. We carefully lifted it out of the foam egg carton and examined it to make sure there were no cracks or a giant beak sticking out.  The shell was smooth and unblemished. I raised the egg, my hand poised to crack it against the side of the bowl.  Sonny looked at me. I looked back at him. Our eyes questioned each other whether we dare open this brown monster egg that could possibly contain a fate worse than Pandora’s Box. He nodded giving me the go ahead and I hit the egg against the lip of the bowl.  I pulled the shell apart and the contents plopped into the bottom of the container.   There was no Ostrich Chicken hiding inside or evil spirits. No smoke came swirling out or screaming banshees.

Double Yoker

Instead there were two yellow yolks pathetically looking up at us like yellow eyes.  One eye was broken when it fell into the bowl. Nothing scary there.  We scrambled them up and had a side of bacon and toast. The Franken Egg is no more.


7 Responses to FRANKEN UPDATE

  1. Rich Wilson says:

    Wow. Only thing missing was maybe a bisquit with either milk, ham or bacon grease gravy. …. and mabe some friend apples. 🙂 Love the life your livin. Rich

    • Linda says:

      Thanks for all the good comments. Maybe you can come out and visit us sometime. I’ll even let you cook breakfast. Sounds like you have it down.

  2. Kevin Varnon says:

    You really need more to do…

    • Sonny says:

      We have worked our entire life so far to set ourselves up to do just this. We really enjoy the farm and all the chores that come with it. No stress and pressure there. For me, it doesn’t get any better.

    • Linda says:

      You mean like the stewed tomatoes I canned this morning, the grass I cut, the flowers I pruned, the laundry I hung out to dry and then put away and the house work? I could live life or I could just watch TV all day.

  3. James Bates says:

    I wonder if chickens have TWINS? PS I was reading and I thought you said a giant beak was sticking out! then I started thinking about baloot (1000 yr old egg per the chinese). I ate one once! the beak and the legs were chewy. LOL

  4. C Jobe says:

    Aren’t y’all glad you can get your own eggs now that Iowa’s chickens are trying to kill everyone? Ah someday we won’t have to rely on someone else to feed us, whats 13-15 more years? UGH!

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