Friday night, Linda and I went out a little later then normal to close up the chicken coop and were really amazed clear the night sky was.  After putting the Hens in house lockup we setup a couple of chairs on the porch and leaned back with our heads cranked up to the stars.  Although we can only point out the dippers and milky way and maybe the north star, we do enjoy star gazing on a clear night.

Lucky for us that our farm is pretty far out in the backwoods and we have virtually no outside light or lights from town street lamps.  We sat out there about 30 minutes seeing stars, aircraft, satellites and even a couple of shooting stars.  Later that evening we realized the no-see-ems feasted on our ankles. Get me the comb – I gotta scratch.


10 Responses to STAR GAZING

  1. Harold Jobe says:

    Wait until winter. The Viewing will be amazing! Wish we could have been there. We really enjoyed our time out there.

    • Linda says:

      We sure enjoyed having you here. It would have been cool to have your huge telescope. Why don’t you just move right on over here. There is a place waiting for ya.

  2. Linda says:

    Yea, when Sonny gets bitten by no see ems he is like a dog with fleas. Scratch, scratch and more scratch. I usually carry a benadril stick in my purse to ease his itchiness.

  3. Sonny says:

    Actually here is what I look like:
    when I scratch.

  4. Tim says:

    You two really need a telescope out there. That would be great. I envy you for that. Tim

  5. Judi says:

    Vanna and I got attacked watching a movie in our Livingroom, we were scratchin for hours!!!!! We eventually spotted him and squished it dead!!!! But the damage was done! He must of flew in when we ket the dogs out! We felt Sonny’s pain!!!! Happy star gazing!!!!! Usually too bright here to see very much!

  6. Bob & Crys says:

    You two just about hit the Perseids meteor shower at its peak. See for more!

    Vitamin B-50 complex daily may make you less appetizing to the critters. Seems to help me!

  7. James Bates says:

    remember gazing in the middle of the ocean!

  8. Rich Wilson says:

    Ditto James. Remember the stars from the absolute middle of the ocean? The only time I ever saw stars like that was when I was in the middle of Australia. Memories you can never replace. Yes … a nice telescope would be perfect. Ever had an interest in the stars Sonny?

    • Sonny says:

      Most of my interest is in just leaning back and looking up. Our son has a giant telescope and he and his wife often head off to some dark area in Texas for his midnight viewing.

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