Every Christmas for as long as I can remember my mother, my sister and I have made mounds of  cookies together. We’ve made cream cheese cookies, sugar cookies, and spritz cookies dressed in sparkling sugars of red and green, oatmeal cookies and almond balls dipped in powdered sugar. They have been enjoyed by family, friends, and co-workers. They have even been sent in boxes to our military men and women serving overseas, giving them a sweet bite of home and hopefully a smile.

They are more than just cookies made from a bit of sugar and flour. They are blended together with the cheerful spirit of Christmas music echoing through the house, laughter and the love of family.

This year Clarissa and my sister’s daughter-in-laws joined in on the cookie party.   Its time to pass down the tradition to our son’s families. They will make their own Christmas traditions and bake their own favorite cookies, but I hope they will look back on this day and keep some portion of ours alive… even if it is just a bit of our family spirit. COOKIE ON GIRLS!

Rookie cookie makers.

Clarissa mixing batter.

The cookie inspectors.

Future cookie makers.






  1. Pat Jobe says:

    Cookies look good. Hope you guys didnt try to cheet Sonny on the sugar cookies. LOL

  2. Clarisa says:

    Yeah Linda! Did you get around to making said sugar cookies? Thanks again for having me! I used to make cookies with my grandmother. Its been many years!!! Been out of practice lately, still have the blister to prove it. Pretty sure the Jobe men will whip my hands back into cookie making shape.

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