Ronald, Vicki and Blair have worked hard today.  They showed up at 7:30 to start work on the chicken coop. The temperature was cool at that time of morning but by about 9:00 when the sun reached over the trees the sweat started to fly.

The coop is attached to the back of the implement shed.  This way we only had to buy materials for three walls.  The bones of the structure are finished.  It measures 10’x6′ and will have two chicken doors to allow them to either go free range or hang out in the fenced yard.  The choice will be theirs except in certain situations such as when we are gone for a few days and someone has to take care of them.  Then they will be relegated to the fenced yard for their safety.

Construction of the chicken Coop

We decided at the last minute to leave a 2 foot roof overhang on the front.  The overhang will help keep mud from splashing up on the building when it rains and also provide some shade for the chickens.  Since we already have guttering on the shed roof we opted not to put it on the coop.  I will also put a few low shelters in the fenced yard for them to take cover under in case a hawk comes around.  We do have hawks that like to hang around here and they will really be interested when the chickens show up.  There are plenty of hidy-holes for the hens to flee to when they are outside of the fenced yard if danger should come from overhead.  At night they will be tucked away safe and sound in their coop.  That is the plan anyway.  We have the usual array of predators, including coyotes and bobcats.  Since there are coyotes about we may have to use a heavier gage wire for the fencing instead of the traditional chicken wire.

The skin of the building will be the same green metal roof and white sides as the rest of our buildings.  Sonny and I are going to build the nesting boxes and roosts inside.  That should be interesting.  Hope the chickens aren’t squeemish.  All in all I think the chickens will have a great home and hopefully give us plenty of eggs.



  1. Judi says:

    Makes me wish I was a chicken!!!!! Sounds awesome! Cant wait to read more!!!!!

  2. Linda says:

    I am sure our chickens will graciously share their coop with you when you come visit, but we would prefer you stay in the house with us. Unless you plan to lay an egg….lol

  3. Sonny says:

    Hey when will the metal roof and sides go in?

  4. Linda says:

    Ronald will have to order the metal. I am not sure how long it will take to come in and I believe he will order it for both the coop and woodshed at the same time.

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