The Trouble with Rainy Days

This girl expects play time no matter what the weather

Tuesday May 18, 2010
Linda Jobe

I awoke this morning at 6:30 to the rumblings of a thunderstorm. That should have been my clue to just stay hidden in the house for the day. A nice breakfast and a good cup of coffee or two and it looked like the storm had cleared. I decided to go visit my cousin and his wife and to pick up some sweet potato plants at a little place in town that I had ordered last week.

We call our farm Pot Hole Farm because the road that runs up to our house has never been kept up. No one has lived in this hollow for years and so the County Roads Department has never bothered to come down this far. That is a whole story in itself.

No matter that the puddles and ruts are deep enough to swallow my Jeep Liberty I have no fear. I have navigated those potholes many times before. This time I got about a half a mile down the road and was faced with a huge oak tree that had fallen across the road. This is a fairly common occurrence out here when trees lose their grip on the mountainside. There was no place to go but backwards. I have to tell you, I am not the best backer upper in the world and this road was curvy. My tracks looked like a snake slithered through the mud, but I eventually made it to a place where I could get turned around. Of course, I forgot to mention that there is a steep drop off and no guardrails.

I was glad to see my front door after that experience. We live in a pretty remote area and we have no cell phone service (for miles) and no land line, which along with the pot hole road repair is another tale. I had to email Sonny at work to get someone to cut down the tree. He came through for me and the State came to my rescue, but of course it was a process.

After all that mess, I decided to stay put for the day and play kick ball with my best buddy Ruby and that was ok with me. Fallen trees and muddy roads are just part of living in the deep country backwoods. That’s ok too. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. By the way, it’s raining again and tomorrow could bring more and another adventure. LJ


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