Alternate Power System

May 5, 2010

Wanted to take a few minutes to explain my back-up charging system that I use to keep my batteries charged. I got this great package from Lowe’s and have been very happy with it so far. I had to do a few minor mods and tossed the switch box that came with it. My Xantrax inverter automatically detects the generator, syncs the cycles and controls the charge for my 380 amp batteries.

The Guardian 8kw provides around 25 amps to feed my batteries on those days that give me little to no good sunshine for a couple of days. This only happens during rain storms or heavy snow falls. Typically last winter when the days were short and the sun was low in the sky we got buy just fine running the generator for 1 hr in the morning and then late in the afternoon for about 1 1/2 hrs.  But on days with fair to moderate sunshine it just sits there looking good.


Battery Back-Up

February 3, 2010

Battery Bank before the Upgrade

When I ordered my batteries for the solar system the company recommended that I use a 48 volt setup. I then purchased eight 105 amp AGM 6 volt batteries and connected them in series. A few weeks later we decided to get a second identical setup and connect them in parallel. This configuration still gave me 48 volts but with twice the amperage.

I had originally put a “Battery Room” next to the “Electrical Room” (as pictured) and vented it for safety.  As it turned out, the AGM glass mat gel batteries do not “off-gas” which means that I could have put them anywhere I wanted. We still put them in the Battery room and now also store the backup 3500 watt Champion generator in there as well.

More on the primary Guardian Whole House Generator later.

Electrical Room and Battery Room

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