July 13, 2010



Ever have those days where you feel like nothing gets done?  Like your wading through a quagmire, trying to reach dry land, but the mud just keeps sucking you down.  It’s been that way for me since Sunday.

Right now my house is mess, I have boxes of things that came from the apartment and I don’t know what to do with it.  I don’t like things in disorder.  It stresses me out, even if I tell myself not to sweat the small stuff.  And in reality it is small compared to a lot of other things that can happen.

Sunday I made a plan to go to town and buy the things I need to make squash conserve and bread & butter pickled zucchini.  I have never made either one before, but it looked like a good way to use up some of the harvest.  So with my list and a smile on my face I headed down Rt. 50 toward town.  I figured I could get a head start on the week.  Maybe can up the pickles when I got home and can up the conserve on Monday.  I’m good at time management, I should be able to put away a few boxes and clean up the house in between canning.  By Wednesday I should be able to enjoy a clean house and admire my gleaming jars packed with tasty treats harvested from my own garden.  Uh oh, traffic ahead.

Apparently a large truck that was too tall tried to squeeze through an underpass. Traffic was backed up for miles on Rt 50.  I was trapped.  There was no turn off in sight.  I had to sit and wait until we reached an exit.  Two hours.  I got off on the exit and headed straight home.  So Monday I tried again.  I made it to town just fine but it took me all day to run the errands.  I did make progress though.  I was able to make six pints of bread & butter zucchini pickles.

Squash Conserve and Bread & Butter Pickled Zucchini

Today I had to meet Ronald at 8:00 this morning to go back to town and pick up some supplies to finish the root cellar.  It took us until after noon to get everything and unload it here at Pot Hole Farm.  Not too bad.  Still time to get something done.  Then the census man came to the door.  Then it was one thing or another to interrupt my plans, but I did prevail and was able to can up some squash conserve.  At least that is something, and it sure looks pretty sitting on my counter. Hopefully it it tastes as good as it looks.

The boxes are still sitting there glaring at me, the laundry basket is overflowing, the floor needs vacuuming and I can write my name in the dust on the furniture, but no matter.  It will be waiting for me tomorrow.  Oh, the block layers will be here at 9:00 A.M.  I will be busy taking pictures and watching the root cellar go up.  That’s ok. When it’s finished it will be a big accomplishment.  The other stuff….not so much.


July 1, 2010

Today the big red concrete truck arrived.  They poured 10 yards of concrete for the garage floor and the Root Cellar.  Sometime next week we will order the block needed for the walls and get the blocks layed.

The Floor is Poured

Below is Root Cellar

Root Cellar Floor

Root Cellar project begins

June 14, 2010

Footer and framing

Well the Root Cellar project has broke ground and moving forward.  Ronald had the Kubota backhoe operator out today to dig the footer and level out the location where the concrete will be poured.  Before they even got started they had to put in a 10′ x 8″ drain pipe in the water drain ditch in front and cover it up to allow the equipment to go across for access to the digging area.  On an earlier supply run they had already picked up the rectangle drain material that will be mounted inside the footer to allow for a good drain system. This drain box material is also installed on the inside where the floor drain will be located. The backhoe was able to do much of the digging but the far side turned out to be a problem not allowing the bucket to get into position.  After Ronald, Vicki and Paul did some serious digging they were able to finish.
Next will be adding some additional gravel and calling in the concrete truck to get the footers and foundation poured. They will also be pouring the Barn floor and entry ramp. Please Stand-By.

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