Sonny and I are always looking for ways to repurpose old or worn out things. He had a pair of muck shoes that were still in good shape except that the sole had cracked at the bend of the shoe. Every time he stepped in water or mud his sock would get wet. So we bought him a new pair, but what to do with the old pair. It seemed a shame to just throw them in the trash. There must be some job they could fulfill.

People are always using old boots as planters or bird houses, why not use an old pair of muck shoes as a bird feeder? Sonny nailed the shoes on the side of the tree stump and then filled them with birdseed. The birds love it! Especially the little nut hatches. I’d say its a job well done.

The shoe feeder

The shoe feeder


2 Responses to THE SHOE FEEDER

  1. Judi says:

    Love this!!!!PHF is really getting classy!!!! Nothing to waste!! You guys are awesome!!!

  2. ron says:

    and planters in summer

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