Last Monday the Sap Evaporator was finally delivered from Leader. I went through Anderson’s Maple Syrup for my order and advice. I purchased the American model because that one fit the amount of taps that I hope to eventually get to.

So far we have only done a fit check and dry assemble. Now we have to rent a wet saw to cut about a dozen fire bricks for the tunnel. Once that is completed the drop flue pan and the syrup pan can be put in place and a simulated sap cook will begin with water.




  1. Holly says:

    Yay! We are so excited for you! We have also been working on gathering tapping supplies…only a few short months away! How many taps do you suppose you’ll have?

    • Sonny says:

      We have around 150 taps at this point. Last year we finished around 8 gallons. We hope to be up to near 300 this year. I just mounted a transfer pump on the Kubota RTV to help rid us of many of the 5 gallon buckets. I put a 65 gallon tank in the RTV and now just drop a pump line into the smaller 35 gal tanks that we have around the farm then finally into the 200 gal tank inside the Sugar shack.

  2. Bob says:

    Sonny, that’s a really fancy rig. Congratulations! Lots of work ahead…have fun.

  3. Pat Jobe says:

    That looks like a pretty big piece of equipment. I wish you good luck with your syrup and your honey.

  4. James Bates says:

    how long will in stay all shiny and new looking. Does honey too?

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