Well we finally installed a ceiling fan in the mud room. Kind of late but there are still plenty of hot days left in the summer for it to cool down the room. Our mud room doubles as an extra room for family and guests.


Another project off of the list but I’m still behind on getting things done.



  1. ron says:

    the list never ends
    do 1 thing
    3 more get added

    enjoy your retirement

  2. Ron C. says:

    Sonny, it is great to see your progress on your home. WOW hard to believe that it has been 3 years since we last spoke. I will be taking rt50 over your way in a few weeks to go to WVA (Ripley).
    All good, stay in touch as you can. regards rtc

  3. Ceiling fans are great. What have you two been up to lately?

    • Sonny says:

      We have been very busy. Sonny has been securing wood for the winter and working on the sugar shack. We also went around the property and marked more maple trees before the leaves fall off. I have been canning up cushaw pumpkin between visits from family. Sometimes I think we should be called Pot Hole Bed and Breakfast instead of Pot Hole Farm. Lol. We always enjoy family and welcome their visits. Hope you all are settling in your new home. The pics of your property are beautiful. Linda

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