My sister Janice and her husband Rick came for a visit this weekend and we all had a wonderful time. Once again its hay season, so Sonny and Rick helped John put up bales of hay. Its a busy time here in the country and its about to ratchet up another notch as soon as the garden is ready to harvest. There are already wild black raspberries coming into season and that means its time to pull out the jelly jars, lids and bands. The buckets are sitting on standby and Janice and I have already picked a few ripe juicy ones that sweetened our taste buds.

Sonny recruited Janice as his bee keeper assistant. Suited up in bee gear she smoked the bees while he checked for honey. The wooden frames covered in wax were full and ready to be harvested. Liquid gold filled each pocket of honey comb.

Sonny scraped the frames then we squeezed out the honey through a sieve and then filtered out any remaining debris.

Scraping off the honey.

We harvested a little over two quarts. The bees have been busy collecting pollen from the clover and wildflowers that grow in abundance here at the farm. Our honey has all the sweet flavors of these fragrant wild flowers and is a light golden hue.

This is a small batch and most of our honey will be distributed to family members but we may be able to keep aside a few ounces if anyone is interested in purchasing a sample. You can leave a comment or email.

Our plan is to order some more bees and start another hive. Hopefully we will have plenty of honey next year.



8 Responses to FIRST HONEY

  1. Missy Steiger says:

    We don’t have bees yet but it’s on that future to do list in the next couple of years. I’ve been reading about bees swarming. Have any of yours done that yet? Some people keep equipment to catch any swarms they find. It’s supposed to be a good way to acquire new hives of bees. The honey is beautiful and I bet it’s delicious! We use honey for most of our sweetener here so I really need to have bees.

    • Sonny says:

      With a few books and some basic hive boxes you can get started. We did loads of reading and Internet videos to try to get a little smarted before we jumped in. We are glad we did.

  2. Pam Pippin says:

    I would love to buy some of your honey Aunt Linda

  3. James Bates says:

    wow that is cool

  4. Pat Jobe says:

    Thank you guys for a lovely visit. Even if it was hot.

  5. Hello, again! We are gearing up to start beekeeping. I was wondering where you ordered your bees from? I found the Starter Hobby Kit I think we are going to go with. Have you found any where local to get supplies from? Thanks, Wendy

    • Sonny says:

      We originally purchased our hives from someone who was getting out of the hobby. We currently buy starter bees/queens and supplies from “Brushy Mountain Bee Farm” out of North Carolina. Those hobby starter kits are a great way to get started.

  6. mayberryfarm says:

    Thanks for the info. I will check them out!

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