Memorial Day weekend is usually wet, chilly, and in our neck of the woods can on a rare occasion include a frost. Not this weekend. HOT and HUMID are the buzz words to describe it this year, but despite the hotter then the hinges of hell heat we had a great time.

Harold and Clarissa and Duke came over for a long weekend. The moment Duke got out of the car he didn’t run to hug Pop and Mimzy, he made a bee line straight for the tractor. We see now what is important to that little guy.

Sonny bought an umbrella to shade the porch table. What a difference it makes. Now we can eat outside even when the sun is bearing down on the porch. What is summer without BBQ’s and this weekend we cooked everything outside including the pancakes we had for breakfast drizzled with our own home grown maple syrup.

Keeping cool.

Garden work was tackled in the cooler hours of the morning and evening. The four of us were able to get the garden in shape very quickly. The potatoes needed to be hilled again and with the help of Harold and Clarissa we had it finished in no time. Duke kept cool splashing in the garden hose water of his blow up pool. We sweated buckets while gardening and drank water from a jug.

The corn is popping up in rows, the cantaloupe, squashes, cucumber and pumpkins are sprouting atop hills and the limas and pole beans are learning to climb. The garden is becoming lush with young growth and in return for the concoction of sweat, blisters, sunburns and soar muscles that nurture it, it will feed and sustain us throughout the coming year.

The princess piggies are faring well in this heatwave. Sonny fashioned a mud bath in the corner of their pen and the new spa accommodations appeared to meet their royal high standards.

Its siesta time in the afternoon. The whole farm seems to shut down, including the chickens and guineas who rest in the shade of the PV array sipping from the water cooler stationed there.

It may have been hot, a little uncomfortable from the humidity, but we still managed to have a good time. We are always grateful to be able to spend time with the family. Who knows where the military may send them next. Got to take advantage of the time we can spend together now. Hope you all had a great weekend and lets not forget to remember our military men and women who have served, also those who are now separated from their families. Life is GOOD.


5 Responses to TURN DOWN THE HEAT!

  1. Pam Pippin says:

    Hey Aunt Linda thinking of you Love, Pam

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Too hot for me to accomplish anything. Wonderful syrup, we are using #1 now and lovin’ it. I need to weed my herbs but too hot and actually just started to rain, maybe it will cool down a little. you are def. an inspiration. thx

    • lkjobe says:

      Glad your enjoying the syrup. I don’t take heat very well, so when the heat waves roll in I work a few minutes and rest a few minutes taking baby steps and drinking plenty of water. It takes longer to get things done, but nothing is worth heat stroke.

  3. James Bates says:

    I can not seem to take the heat to well this summer as well. Think I lost 30 gallons of water yesterday. Of course my work day included attic time, running alarm wires. The sun is just plain HOT, and the humidity just makes it a 100 times worse. Boss man tries to get me to do office work, but the new guy (my help) doesn’t have very good trouble shooting skills. ughh!!!

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