We had a wonderful visit today with one of our readers, Luann Barbagallo, who stopped by to pick up two pints of syrup and to see just what PHF was all about.

Luann and her family are starting their own homestead in a nearby county. I’m not sure what pearls of wisdom we had to offer as Luann has twenty years of gardening, canning and raising milk goats under her belt. That experience will go a long way in starting a homestead. I hope to keep in touch Luann, you never know, we may need some milk goat advice when we finally get to that stage.

We showed her how the off grid system worked and then took a tour of the farm, stopping by to see the princess piggies. The girls were on their best behavior and allowed Luann to view the pig palace set up. She was interested to see what methods we use to raise our pigs since she and her husband will be purchasing their own feeder pigs in just a few days.

We showed her the smoke house where we smoked eight hams last fall, because if your going to raise pigs you have to have a smoke house. She whole heartedly agreed.

In the past few years we have come to know several homesteading families and one of the nice things about it is that we all share ideas. Everyone has abilities that can help another. We are all folks who choose to live a simpler lifestyle, who choose to leave the whirlwind world of consumerism and depend on our own ingenuity to provide for ourselves.

It was a great experience to meet someone from our blog family of readers. Luann, thank you so much for stopping by, we thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Wish you lived a little bit closer. You and your husband are always welcome.



  1. julia christine stephen says:

    How nice to have a visit!

  2. jimmy says:

    We just spent 10 days working on our homestead in Jackson county WVa. We got our septic system (although we will be using a composting toilet) and cistern installed. We also had our propane refrig. delivered and completed our shower installation. What county are you in?

  3. Thankyou Linda and Sonny for being so welcoming and warm to me today! I get a little nervous meeting new people BUT it is Wonderful to meet people who have most of the same dreams and ideals we do. I so much appreciate you both letting me come and pick up my syrup and see you farm. You both are an inspiration to me, although we are all still learning, I did learn alot from you all today. It didn’t take me as long to get home….LOL…I must have been driving like an ol’ lady on the way. Thanks again for being so gracious! Hope to see you both again.

  4. James Bates says:

    JUST got the package of syrup, already lost one pint. Sister came over for a visit…tasted it and ran out the front door, and DROVE AWAY. Called her and she said she couldn’t LIVE without it. LOL

    SOOOO I tasted the other pint and WOW, it is everything I was hoping for and more, If I known how good it was, I would of got my sister with shotgun before she could reach the car. LOL not really,,,well maybe just a leg wound….lol
    ps….thought I sent enough money for two only, must of understood the prices wrong, thanks for the return. ya could of tipped the cook or something, didn’t have to send it back.

  5. didnt get a chance to taste mine, i was on a piglet run most of today…lol

    • Sonny says:

      How did your pig search go for you today?

      • It went well, I got 2 piglets, 5 week old, one female and one castrated male. Think the breed is Duroc. Noisy ride home tho, I had them in a dog crate in the back of my car. They seem to have settled in nicely tho, they were so tired, I got home 6pm, they drank and ate and went to sleep on the hay…Thanks again for being so supportive of our dreams and knowing I met someone 3 steps ahead of me helps, I have people I can bounce ideas off of and get info. Atleast get pointed in the right direction. Thanks again, have a glorious Saturday.

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