Hope everyone had a fantastic Mother’s Day. Our morning started with phone calls. I called my mom, Sonny called his mom and Harold and Clarissa called me. It was phone circle of happy tidings.

After morning chores were finished, Sonny and I gussied ourselves up a bit for this special day. We were invited to John and Carol’s for a Mother’s Day brunch and were supposed to be there by 10:00.  We hopped into the RTV, our usual mode of transport, and left behind our holler to visit the next holler over.

Carol had been busy this morning creating a brunch that any mom would be proud of. She made a type of quiche, I’m not sure what it is called, but the crust is made from shredded potatoes and filled with eggs, cheese, sausage and onions. She didn’t use frozen shredded potatoes she shredded her own. They were the last of the potatoes they had grown last year in their garden.

Homemade blueberry muffins, strawberries dipped in chocolate and hot coffee topped off this delicious meal, along with good company and conversation. It was a real treat and we appreciate all the hard work Carol put into it. Sonny took a picture of the food laden table, but I couldn’t post it because he is having a problem with iCloud.

When we left John and Carols we stopped by Bill and Paula’s to wish Paula and her mom Nellie a Happy Mother’s Day. Of course we were greeted with smiles and hospitality. Bill and Paula always have a warm welcome and we are glad to have found such good neighbors and friends.

From there we were off to TwoLynn’s Farm. We had a nice visit there too and left with a box of homemade maple syrup candy created by Sandy.

This has been a great Mother’s Day filled with the joy and love that only family and good friends can give. What more could one ask for. So from Pot Hole Farm and all our friends, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!



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  1. James Bates says:

    happy happy day

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