It seems that time has been flying by and I find it hard to make time to update the blog. I am sorry about that and I will try to do a better job. I know I have said that before, but you know…tick… tock…tick.

Harold and Clarissa came for a visit this past weekend and they were a big help. Just having two more sets of hands makes such a difference in getting overdo farm chores under control. We were able to accomplish a  lot even with the many interruptions of having to keep an eye on Duke and chasing him around the yard.

Clarissa helped me get the root cellar in order. Somehow it had become a catch all closet for anything that did not have a designated place of its own. Stacked boxes, bee keeping supplies, and syrup buckets. It was so disorganized that I could barely get in to the shelves to get a jar of tomatoes. Canning season will be here before you know it and we will be filling up the shelves with goodies.

We all tag teamed the garden, pulling up weeds and planting three short rows of corn as well another row of green beans and two hills of zucchini. There is so much more we want to plant, but the ground is too wet due to a few days of rain showers.

Harold and Sonny checked in on the bee hive to see how things have been progressing. It seems that they have settled in and are making themselves at home. He put out another new bee box as well.

Dressed in bee suits.

Sonny and John have finally finished the extension on the pole barn, between bouts of rain. We still need to put in some stone and and would like to have sliding doors on each end so Sonny can drive the tractor straight through. I’m not sure when we will get that accomplished.

Pole barn extension.


We have not lost a chicken or guinea since we put out the traps. That is not until last night. Actually its our fault for not closing up the chickens in time. We ended up closing them up late, after dark, and that left an open invitation for a coon to go in the coop and drag off a barred rock hen. Now we will have to be on guard and make sure the chickens are shut in as soon as they roost up. Its like The Night of the Living Dead. You have to be shut inside before the zombies come out and get you.


4 Responses to MAKING TIME

  1. ron says:

    I keep a trap set all summer near chicken house for visitors.
    Trust me they are out there, bait with peanut butter during slow times. I can always release the harmless ones. Better safe than sorry.

    My neighbor has some of his bees on my place, he does all the work and I bum honey off him. win win

  2. mary says:

    I love your stories we too aspire to Live OFF-THE-GRID one day. Keep them coming

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