The maple syrup jugs are tagged and stored on the shelf, waiting to be purchased. So if anyone out there is interested let us know. We only have pint sized jugs left, going for $9.00 a pint plus shipping.

This pure maple syrup comes from our local maple trees and has had nothing added to it. Its amber brown sweetness is delicious slathered over pancakes or waffles, or added to any recipe you can come up with. I like to drizzle a little over fresh cooked carrots. Mmmm.

Whether you are a  maple syrup lover or have never experienced its flavor before, try some Pot Hole Farm maple syrup. Its DELICIOUS!  If you are interested you can leave a comment on the blog or contact us at

Sweet maple syrup



10 Responses to GET YOUR MAPLE SYRUP

  1. Clarisa says:

    I need one for Mary!!!

  2. James Bates says:

    need one for ME. Send me your address so I can mail you some more money

  3. James Bates says:

    I will pay you $100 for maple candy!!!

  4. Todd says:

    Is there anyway to email you guys? I’m in PA and considering moving to Western west virginia and I’d love to be able to bounce some questions off you. I’ve been reading through your blog and it looks like we’d have many of the same goals as you. thanks.

  5. Paul says:

    Would you check out, we’d like you to be on there.

  6. i would like to get 2……i live in wv, are you local to roane county if not please email address to mail payment to…..also if local enough would love to see and learn about your farming. i am new to farm/wv this past year and have lots to learn. thx. luann

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