BURRR! Its frosty on the farm this morning, but for now the sun has decided to show its face. By this afternoon it will be back to rain showers. I sure do wish Mother Nature would make up her mind, cheer up and stop crying. At least for a few days so we can dry out. After so many days of dark skies this is the first morning this week that we have not had to turn on the generator to charge the battery bank. So shine on Sun…shine on those PV arrays and give us a little warmth too to brighten our dark winter moods.

The chickens were ready to get up this morning. No hesitating to peep out of the coop hatch to see what the weather may be. Like the rest of us they were happy to see sunlight and wasted no time in bursting out of the door. The usual breakfast buffet would be waiting in the pole barn after a quick stop by the garage ramp for a meal worm appetizer. Then it will be off to the bird feeder to clean up any missed seeds that may have dropped to the ground.

Morning rush hour.

Its a worm feeding frenzy.

Let me in! I'm next, I'm next! Quit Pushing!

Soak up the sun girls while it still shines, breath in the fresh air and enjoy the freedom of free range on Pot Hole Farm. Produce tasty eggs. Life is good…even for a chicken.



8 Responses to ON A FROSTY MORN

  1. Pat Jobe says:

    Glad you all are getting a few grains of sunlite. It is tuff living in a mud pit. nothing seems to want to stay clean.

  2. James Bates says:

    you all going to slaughter a chicken every now and then. I know Linda might have them all named by now.

    • Sonny says:

      So far most of the laying hens are still producing. Lucky for us we have found a local family that raises meat chickens and we can buy them there.

    • lkjobe says:

      We don’t name our chickens other than the rooster. When a few of the older hens stop laying we could possibly slaughter them, but that would be a job for Sonny. It wouldn’t bother me if he brought it in and it was already dressed out ready to be put in the freezer. Then it would just look like regular chicken. Don’t know if I would have the heart to kill it myself. Maybe if I was hungry enough.

  3. James Bates says:

    Winter should be easier on Linda, since you be home this winter.

    • lkjobe says:

      Its great having him home. It does make it a lot easier on me when he carries in the wood. Its nice to have him home every night and I know he is actually eating a proper meal.

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