Yesterday afternoon Sonny took the truck down to the quarry to get a load of stone. The stone he bought was about the size of my fist. We needed the larger stone to put down in the driveway entrance because the smaller stones get washed away every time we have a heavy downpour of rain.

We would like to get enough stone to do the whole driveway at some point, but for right Sonny wanted to try to fill in a couple of the pot holes and muddy ruts.

Fill those pot holes.

Hard at work.

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful, but of course today it is raining again. Hope those stones stay in place.


2 Responses to SHOVELING STONE

  1. James Bates says:

    They have state prisoners who do road work in Alabama also. Hmmmm your state prisoners don’t wear chains, must be trust worthy.

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