After living off the grid for almost two years now we have figured out that by managing our power we can still use a few luxury appliances.

Last week we went to visit Two Lynne’s Farm and Sandy showed me how to make butter from fresh cream. Sonny and I tried to make some a few months back and it just didn’t turn out. I’m not sure what we did wrong. We followed directions from a youtube video on the internet. This person used a quart jar and shook the cream until the whey was separated from the butter fat. Then there were various steps that required squeezing and rinsing.

Sandy had a much better method. She used her counter top mixer. The combined turning motion of the bowl and the whipping beaters separated the butter fat and whey in just a few minutes. The butter particles splattered against the sides of the bowl. We drained off the whey and then used a butter paddle to shape the butter and squeeze out more whey.

Large and small butter paddles.

This time our butter came out perfectly and tasted delicious. So, today Sonny bought me a Kitchen Maid counter top mixer. It will not only come in handy to make butter, but bread dough and pizza dough as well. It will make these chores a lot easier for me too. Even before we went off the grid I kneaded all dough by hand and whipped up cake batter as well using the old spoon method, but I have been having a lot of problems lately with my hands. Maybe I have worn them out. Any way, I think this mixer will make a big difference.

Kitchen Maid mixer.

On sunny days the power needed to use the mixer won’t make a dent in the energy stored in the batteries. When the weather is not so nice and the days are cloudy, I can wait for a sunny day or use it while the generator is running. Too many grey days in a row and we have to charge the batteries with the generator. Its all about power management.

I enjoy doing things the old fashioned way, but its nice to know that our off grid system can handle the load when I need to step into the present and use modern kitchen appliances.


11 Responses to A NEW MIXER

  1. Joel Caris says:

    I just made butter recently for the first time. Used an old food processor and it worked magnificently. I’ve never tried the jar method. I’m hoping to rig up a manual butter churn using a hand mixer I have and a large jar. We’ll see how it goes.

    • lkjobe says:

      I think the jar and hand mixer method would work great. Same principle as my new mixer and you will probably have less splatter coming out because the jar is more enclosed. I like that idea and it would be very similar to the old style glass butter churns which are very expensive if you can find one. Good luck on your next butter making adventure. Ingenuity and thinking outside of the box are the foundation of self sufficiency.

  2. James Bates says:

    can you still find a Jar mixer? PS next time you think outside the box, don’t forget to look in the box first….sometimes the answers are already written down. lol

  3. ron says:

    When anyone mention churning butter I have flashback to the ”not so good” old days.

    Mom used to make me churn butter at home with old hand crank churn
    whenever my sisters would see churn appear they disappear.
    All I can remember about churning butter was it took forever and my arm would be so tired.

    But that was 50 yrs or so ago so my sense of time may be distorted
    think that old churn still at moms house.

    mable, the milk cow, gave so much milk and cream we [i] churned at least 2x a week

  4. Missy Steiger says:

    We have a Jersey cow and love to make butter. I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer but be aware that they can overheat when using to make bread dough. I do use mine for dough but I don’t try to do more than a 2 loaf batch. Enjoy your butter. Nothing better than homemade!

    • lkjobe says:

      Thanks Missy,
      Yea, my daughter-in-law warned me about making the bread dough. We have thought about getting a cow, but not right now. That may be an endeavor for the future.

  5. Julie Bolin says:

    I use my KitchenAid Mixer to make bread all of the time. Just don’t overload the bowl (mine can only handle recipes with 5 cups or less of flour) and keep it on the first setting to knead.

  6. James Bates says:

    When we lived in Scotland, the milky would bring 4 milks in 1 litter milk bottles. AND the CREAM was on top……SOOOOOO good. But then one of my Scottish neighbors said her husband died of a heartattack because that was all that he drank ….the cream. At least he died happy.

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