It appears that we have a chicken that lays green eggs. I don’t believe we have any Americana hens, and none of them have the signature grey green legs of one. Whoever she is, she has been laying pretty regularly. I suspect that we somehow got a hen that is an Americana mix. My Barred Rocks we got in the Spring have started laying these past few weeks. They lay brown eggs. We also got Captain Jack and what we thought was a Red Star hen about the same time. So my spidey senses lead me to believe that she is the new layer. None of our older hens have laid that color.

A few weeks ago we bought 10 Red production layer pullets and they are still too young to lay. So, we have had a bit of a mystery here at PHF and one that is a pleasant surprise. We’ll let you know if we figure out who it is. Cheers!

Whose laying those green eggs?


9 Responses to GREEN EGGS?

  1. Bob & Crys says:

    Hahaha…I do not like them, Sam-I-am!

    Green for Christmas!


  2. ron says:

    i have had americana hens for years, most lay green eggs, 1 currently lays robin egg blue
    i have had dr seuss special breakfast with a west va twist
    green eggs and spam for breakfast for deer season breakfast
    the cousins are from city in ohio, here to deer hunt
    little cautious when saw green shells
    not see me put blue food color in eggs to make them green when scrambled
    just the thing needed after nite of adult beverages to excess
    rules are, if u complain u get to be cook rest of deer season, so they eat

    they still try to get even

    • Linda says:

      Ha, Ha! Sounds like one our jokes. Family never know what to expect from us. Have you been lucky enough to get a deer this season?

      • ron says:

        we got 4 so far
        muzzle loader this week

        also had them convinced egg color linked to my shirt color
        green shirt=green eggs
        brown shirt=brown eggs
        but if they saw plaid hens would explode
        city cousins are fun

  3. Missy Steiger says:

    I have Barred Rock/Aracona cross hens that look exactly like Barred Rocks and lay green eggs. I also have a Aracona/Polish cross that lays white eggs. I love my colorful eggs. Never know what we’ll find – blue, green, white brown. Fun!

    • Linda says:

      It’s so cool to see that green egg every day. I’m sure we’ll figure out who it is eventually. Those chickens are definitely entertaining. I can lose track of time just watching them putter around the yard. It’s amazing how the simplest things can make you happy.

    • Sonny says:

      We may have the same mix here. Wee still getting one every day or so. Thanks.

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