It’s Thanksgiving Eve here at Pot Hole Farm and things are already hopping in preparation for tomorrow’s off grid feast. The turkey is thawing in the fridge and the menu items are marked off the shopping list. Clarissa and I have whipped up the pumpkin pies and the deviled eggs are sitting pretty on a plate in the fridge. Carol is going to prepare one of the hams we smoked this year and we can’t wait to take a taste.

Duke has been busy pulling out the tupperware bowls from the kitchen cabinet, (the only cabinet he knows he is allowed to play in). He has entertained us with his squeals of delight as he rearranges the throw pillows on the couch,  throwing most of them on the floor to be wrestled with like an alligator.  Cracker crumbs have been strategically dropped from one end of the house to the other. Well, I guess he figures the dogs need a snack too and who could argue with that. Last year he was too little to enjoy the fruits of Thanksgiving, but this year he will be sitting at the table with the family.

I am hoping that tomorrow is sunny so that we can use the solar cooker. I think we could use it to cook the green bean casserole or at least the yeast rolls. Might as well put it into service to take some of the strain off the gas oven and who knows if its cold enough to start the wood stove we’ll use it to perk the coffee.

All of us here at Pot Hole Farm wish you all a wonderful and blessed  Thanksgiving.





  1. James Bates says:

    Have a GREAT Turkey Day!!!

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