We spent most of Saturday getting Firewood stocked up for the winter. Over the summer we had cut up about 4 cords but have been waiting for cooler weather before we went into full split mode.

Last week Linda and I went over to Johns to pick up my log splitter. It had been hauled up the mountain last February when we ran short on wood and needed an emergency load. No worries, it was tarped up and well protected. We headed up the steep path on the backside of John and Carol’s property… that is until we came upon that oak tree that had fell across the trail. Lucky for us we had the chain saw with us and we made quick work of it and continued to the ridge-top.

More bad news, after un-tarping the splitter the first thing I saw was that it had a flat tire. I managed to lift the axel up enough for Linda to wedge a log under it and pulled the rim off. We hauled it back down and worked on it. After about an hour we just couldn’t get the tire to seal on the rim. We uses a ratchet strap, dish soap but must not have been holding our tongue just right. The next day I picked up a tube and wrapped up that task. Last Saturday, Harold and I got the splitter back home.



Linda and Clarissa even helped us out. Harold and I cut up a couple trees that went down in a farmers field near our place and the girls loaded the Kubota RTV. We spent the rest of the afternoon splitting and stacking. We have put up about 4 cords so far and have about 2 more to split Later we required a few aspirin for the pain.



  1. Linda says:

    Having the help of the kids made the job a lot easier. We were able to rip through some work and little Duke is a good supervisor. He works pretty cheaply… Just milk and cookies.

  2. james bates says:

    that there wood cutting and splitting can re-kindle old muscles back into POWER…. I my memory servers me….Sonny was a power house back in 83. I am still amazed how big little Harold has gotten. He looks like Sonny’s mini-me lol

    • Sonny says:

      I’m still not bad at swinging that maul even with my torn rotator cuff. Last May I slipped and fell off a hitch on a truck and slammed into the asphalt shoulder first Still have to schedule Ortho surgery sometime after deer hunting season is over. I can work it but still can’t lift a cup of coffee up into the microwave. I’m so sad.

      • james bates says:

        I know…I recently found out I don’t bounce anymore… fell off a stool….never thought I would stop rolling…lol

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