Well I think we have finally decided on a name for our unexpected rooster. I thought you all came up with some really unique ones. I thought Victor/Victoria and Sultan fit his situation well. I rolled Sultan around my head for days, because after all, he does have a harem of hens. Thanks to all who put out ideas for us to ponder.

My sister thought he needed a pirate name and since he has sleek black feathers we thought maybe Black Beard, but that didn’t suit him. I saw him gallantly bow down to one of the hens yesterday and then swaggered off after he got what he wanted. I could just imagine a red  bandana around his head and some beads strung in his feathers. Sonny and I decided that this rooster and all future roosters will have the surname Roo.  So in honor of Captain Jack Sparrow who he resembles, he will be called Captain Jack Roo. It suits him well.

I am sure Sonny can teach him some bawdy sailor slang and International Talk Like a Pirate Day which is September 19th, will be a holiday on Pot Hole Farm. Oh, wait a minute…it already is. Arrrrgh me mateys! Tis a fine day to be alive. Thanks everyone.


3 Responses to ROOSTER NAME

  1. ron says:

    now if you can find tiny eyepatch and small parrotkeet to sit on his shoulder

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