It just so happens that we had a rooster in our midst and didn’t even know it.  He was one of the young chickens that we purchased from Two Lynne’s Farm back in the early spring. They are starting to mature and we just never noticed the tell tale signs that this guy was a rooster. He hid himself well, and now that Roo Roo is gone he has come out of his shell. His tail has grown in just this past week.

He is still young and trying to figure out how to take care of his new harem of girls.  So far he has been a quiet fellow we are still waiting for him let out a hearty crow.  Sonny and I are always encouraging him to do so when we let them out in the morning. He has some big rooster feet to fill. The jury is out on whether or not he will be as good of a leader as Roo Roo. He is still a young man trying to learn his way and I have no doubt he will get the crow down in time.

We would really like for all of you to pick the name of Pot Hole Farms new Rooster. So lets get some participation from all of our readers out there. I know you all must have some good ideas. NAME THAT ROOSTER.

How did we miss this handsome boy?



9 Responses to NAME THAT ROOSTER

  1. james bates says:

    How about Rudy or Roger…..or Rain. Yep said rain…lol I let our kids name our dog once, and the first thing they thought of was rain. Hmmmm they were five and three. So we named the dog rain, it took some time to get use to, but after a while it sounded ok

  2. ron says:


    cant think of any other famous people who did switch thing

    usally i let animals name themselves

    but then i got dog named booger , because she was a cute little booger when little
    other dog is duma**
    obvious reasons

  3. Judi says:

    How about “Colonel Cluck”!He might need a big name to help get his “crow” on!!!

  4. lkjobe says:

    All great names! Let’s here some more. Let’s hear from some of you closet readers out there. I know you have some ideas.

  5. Sonny says:

    I like Roo Roo 2 but I’m not that creative.

  6. Carol & John says:

    How about WhamBam, Friar Chicken, or Nugget.
    Those are in the order of my choice, for the beautiful surprise rooster!

  7. Pat Jobe says:

    Im like Sonny i like Roo Roo 2.

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