Its been a few days now since Roo Roo passed on and the hens seem to be adjusting. Initially they were a bit confused, standing in a cluster around the coop door as if expecting him to proudly step out, flap his wings and crow over his dominion. Eventually they moved on, scattering into their normal cliques to search for insects, but never venturing far from the coop and barn. Even today they still linger in that vicinity and have not moved out any farther to the areas Roo Roo would take them.

They seem at a lose for guidance and protection. The two guinea males that are still left have stepped up and keep close to the hens, warning them when danger is near.  The other day I heard the guineas throwing a fit and squawking loudly at the edge of the woods near the barn. I grabbed the shot gun and ran out of the house thinking that some predator had gotten one of the hens. I found them hiding in the coop and pole barn.

My two guineas became widowers a few months ago when a predator took the females sitting on nests. Now my hens are widows, but they need not be lonely. The guineas will keep them safe, and in exchange the hens will give them the companionship of a flock.


2 Responses to WIDOW HENS

  1. ron says:

    i got 4 or 5 roosters hatched end of july
    more than happy to give to u

    • Linda says:

      Thanks Ron,
      I don’t think we will get one till Spring. Not for sure what killed Roo Roo. Thanks for the offer.

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