September 11, 2011


This is what happens when you leave your boots on the porch and Dakota (our sons dog) is visiting.

Left Short Boot design

You may not see this featured in LL Bean this year but keep your eyes open.  Seems that Dakota and Ruby decided that the left one was just too tall and it needed to be chewed down about 8″.  So rather than just chunk them in the trash I decided to bust out the scissors and give the gnawed one a trim down.

In the next blog we will talk about the adventures of getting the Frat Boys off to the butcher and how much I enjoyed wearing the 1/2 boot while standing in 12″ of pig mud/crap and where the over-flow went.


September 6, 2011



Its been a rainy Labor Day weekend, but that is ok because we needed to stay inside and work on the bathroom update. Sonny and Harold installed the new shower and it looks great. Harold has been working on the floor installation for two days. While Harold laid down the tiles and grouted Clarissa used a sponge to wipe away the excess. What a difference it has all made.

The floor tiles are a product called Roma Stone. Its a mixture of Granite stone particles and some type of laminate. Grouting is used between the tiles and the finished product looks as nice as real stone tiles. It is supposed to be very durable. I sure hope so because I don’t want to have to replace another thing in this bathroom ever again. Hopefully it will last for the rest of our lifetime.

There are still some finishing touches that need to be done before this project is finished, but we are very pleased with the results so far. We really appreciate all the hard work Harold and Clarissa have put in.

Sonny fit checking the bottom of the shower.

PHF has some fancy bathroom flooring.


September 1, 2011



A few weeks ago when I was returning home from a trip into town I encountered a coyote. I was almost home, coming up to the old ghost farm whose pastures link up to our own. I saw him as I came round the corner standing at the edge of the gravel road.

I was startled. I have never seen a coyote before. He was small in stature and I assumed he was probably an adolescent, not yet full grown. I slowed the car and expected him to run into the woods before I could get a good look at him. He stood there, his head turned toward me and his eyes connected with mine for a brief moment before he disappeared into the brush and down the hill. He looked ragged, and I have to say a little forlorn. The trees and brush along the road blocked my view of the pasture below and I wondered if there could be other members of a pack hiding below. Sonny and I have heard them howl close by a few times this year.

We have seen this particular coyote in recent days out in that same pasture, but he is always alone. The men who came out to install our propane tank a few weeks mentioned that they had seen a coyote in that same area.  Our guess is that he is a young male whose family pack has pushed him away so that he will find a mate and start his own. He seems to keep inching his territory closer to our farm and last week we lost one of our Red Star hens. A few weeks before that it was one of our Rhode Island Reds.

I haven’t seen my guinea hen in the past few days either. I can only imagine that she’s gone off to sit on a nest again. Hopefully she is well hidden. Last weekend Sonny and Harold caught sight of him and tried to get a shot at him. As far as we could tell he was faster than the bullets. Two days ago, the man that cuts the hay off these fields was out baling and I heard someone shoot off about five rounds. I assume he may have brought a pistol with him.  Maybe he got a hit, but if it took five shots then I would guess that the wily coyote had escaped again.

I know the coyotes have the right to live and share our space, but he is too close for comfort. He may be young, but he will grow up. If he has been the culprit in the disappearance of my chickens then he is treading on our territory, not to mention we have a toddler grandson who comes to visit and squeals like an injured animal. Nature is wild and it will defend itself…so will we.

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