We have a mouse in the house. I have seen its calling card on my kitchen counter. That is just nasty. I brought Moby inside last night in hopes that he would catch the little bugger. He sniffed around a little bit and then flopped on the couch next to me expecting a good scratch. Apparently he thinks that the house is his personal spa and not a hunting ground. I was going to set a trap, but remembered that all the traps were down at the garage and I was not going to down there in the pitch black of night. Mr. or Ms. bear has been passing through again as I had expected. I knew it was about time for it to show up again.

The other morning the humming bird feeder was missing and the suet basket was torn off of the bird feeder. Classic signs of the seasonal intruder. I found a couple of tracks down at the end of the drive way just like last year.

Bear Paws

I will be heading out here in a few minutes. I’ll be going into Fairmont with John and Carol to pick up the pork and beef. I will fill you all in the details later and take a few pics. We will be making some link sausage, so stay tuned for that adventure as well.



  1. james bates says:

    I wonder if your smoker willl be bear proof?

  2. Sonny says:

    Yea Good question. I think he will already be passed through by the time we actually get the smoker fired up. It not we may have to do some all nighters with the 30-06.

  3. Pat Jobe says:

    Try some bird shot in one of your shotguns. And leave the cat loose long enough and the mouse will be toast. I am suprised Ruby dont bark at the comosion outside when the bear comes by.

    • Sonny says:

      We have a couple of mouse traps set with peanut butter on them and hope the cat gets it. At night Ruby barks at deer that she hears snorting off in the woods so we unfortunately ignore her. Guess we need to check when she sounds off.

      • lkjobe says:

        We hope Moby gets the mouse not the Although at this point I think he would be more successful getting the trap.

  4. James Bates says:

    When I was a kid, I always had a reoccurring nightmare about BEARS. I use to get the cold sweats just thinking about them.

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