The date for the frat boys to go to the meat market is set for September the eighth. Sonny called the company which is located in the town of Shinnston on Monday and made the arrangements.

Its a bittersweet feeling for me. In some ways I feel like they are stuck in the London Tower awaiting execution and on the other hand I know that they have had a good life albeit a short one.

This was their purpose in life, to give our families sustenance. It is the way of farm life. You have a relationship with your food whether it be animal or vegetable. Everyday there is an interaction, watering, feeding, protecting and making sure that they are happy.  It humbles you and makes you appreciate where your food comes originates. The grocery store just can’t do that. You never knew the pig that pork chop came from or the cow that provided that steak. Did they have a good life or was it spent in a filthy feed lot?

I am sure they will have a quick demise and I have no doubt that they will be in piggy heaven within minutes. That may sound ridiculous, but if God allows the likes of us humans in heaven then surely there is a special place for animals. He knows every sparrow that falls.

I doubt that I will have any problem eating the meat. In my mind I can smell those hams curing in the smoker right now. Mmmmm. Thanks to the frat boys we will be living high on the hog this winter. Thanks frat boys, we’ll raise a glass to ya and sing your praises. Salute!



  1. Sonny says:

    The next thing we will need is a bigger chest freezer. We also will be picking out our cow from our friend Gary this weekend. He will be taking the remainder to the auction next week.

  2. james bates says:

    Frat boys party sept 7 ; sonny and linda’s place in the mud pit. Mud wrestling, and other events planned. All you turkeys bring your own booze.

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