John and Sonny spent Saturday and Sunday morning working on the meat smoker project. They have gotten a good portion of it completed and honestly I don’t know exactly how it will look when finished. They have the design all planned out and I will attempt to explain it.

Basically the chamber where the meat will be smoked will be located on the upper portion. A wood stove will be underneath with a pipe that goes up into the meat smoker chamber. The chamber will made of metal and there will be a door on the front for access to the meat. There will be hooks to hang the meat as well as a grate system for other meat cuts to lay upon. Sonny and John also have a plan for drafts and such. Here are a few of the pics and hopefully you will get an idea of how it will work.

Top portion is the smoke chamber. The wood stove will sit on the concrete pad below and will be enclosed when not in use.

There is a vent there between the roof and the smoke chamber that can be opened or closed to control the draft. The door will be located in the large opening under the draft vent. Metal rods will be laid across the base of the smoke chamber and then removable grates will be laid on top of them. An exhaust pipe will go up through the roof and I believe there will be one on the right side as well. The upper potion will be enclosed in metal. Hope I have explained this well enough to give you an image of the finished product.

Sonny screwing on boards under John's supervision.

Inspector Moby has arrived. "This board needs another screw here John."

"Hand that vent up here Sonny."



  1. james bates says:

    Must be simple, even the cat is helping lol. I love the smell of smoking ham, I love it a lot!

  2. ron says:

    i remember dads smokehouse
    it was old 8×10 or so shed made out of rough sawmill planks
    had pipes near ceiling to hang bacons,hams, assorted deer parts,
    shelves along wall to put the meat to suger cure till time to smoke
    he cut a hole in lower part of wall to put stovepipe from old tin wood stove he found,[ redneck fred sanford] and built fire with green sasafrass, apple, and hickory wood
    the smoke would pour out of the many cracks in the sides of shed
    every once in a while someone would drive by, stop run over to house and pound on door, screaming ”your shed is on fire”

    its been 20 yrs or so since last used
    can still smell the brown sugar cured, smoked pork smell if go anywhere near old smokehouse

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