Yesterday when Sonny and I went out to take care of morning chores there was a half a loaf of bread sitting on the kitchen counter. When we returned there was an empty torn up bread bag laying on the floor looking as though it had been a tug of war toy. Not one piece of crust or even a crumb was left behind of the bread loaf. They had been completely vacuumed up leaving that area of the kitchen floor looking cleaner than the rest.

Sonny and I eyed the two culprits.

They wagged their tails and panted with a half smile, showing pieces of white bread still stuck between their teeth.

I glared at them while pointing at the shredded bread bag and yelled, “Who did that?!” The panting half smiles were instantly replaced with a look of innocence.

I stared angrily at Ruby asking, “did you do that?” Her big brown doggy eyes looked up at me as if to say “It wasn’t me,” then she glanced over at Dakota, dimeing her out.

Dakota had no defense. Oh yea, she was definitely the one that grabbed the bag from the counter. Her legs are much longer than Ruby’s and the loaf of bread was not near the edge. Paws had to be placed on the lip of the counter and a long neck stretched out before a set of canine teeth could grasp it. The facts are clear on who the thief was, but that does not put Ruby in the clear. I have no doubt there was a lot of coaching from the sidelines. Once the bag hit the floor it was a free for all. No innocent dogs here.

Jugement was set and they were sentenced to the mud room without cookies. Ruby still claims innocence and you can see that she is not happy by her expression in the photo. Bad dogs!

"You got me in trouble", pouts Ruby. "Shut your yap tattle taler," sniffs Dakota. Now we have no cookies.



3 Responses to WHO DID THAT!

  1. james bates says:

    Ha ha ha so funny……I had two step daughters the same way. Rachel 4yrs old Anne 2yrs old, Rachel kept telling us that Annie told her to do it. One morning came down to the kitchen found both on top of the counter, pouring things out in the sink, just to watch it pour. All the coffee,salt,suger,fiberblast-o,flour etc…. was poured out!!!! WHAT…Rachel WHAT R U DOING??? “Annie told to do it”. Looked over at annie, “annie did you tell Rachel to do this?? “. With missing a heartbeat and all innocence (and a cute smile) said. “Yes”. I had to excuse myself a second, to crack up, before acting all mad and everything.

  2. Judi says:

    Like I always tell Clarissa: Who left the bread on the counter tempting the poor puppy????? ;)They arent the only ones who shouldnt have got a cookie!!!LOL

  3. R. Wilson says:

    One of the funniest I’ve read!!! 🙂

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