Our son Harold and his family were down this weekend. He has been helping us get out firewood stockpile ready for this winter. Although we still have a long way to go we are getting a pretty good start cutting rounds. We will get the splitter out later towards fall and get them split up and loaded in the woodshed.

Cutting rounds

Let me tell you that the Kubota RTV we picked up earlier this summer has been a real help around here. We are able to just stack the rounds in the back and once loaded we can drop the tail gate and use the hydraulic dump.

Loading the RTV

When we finished up with that tree we changed mode and hooked up the bush hog for some field cutting. Last week we got the logs out of the field and cleaned up the brush so we were ready to go.

Kubota w/Bushhog


We will be doing it again next week also. Our primary heat is from out wood stove and we burn about 5 cords each winter. The great thing is having all our electrical power supplied to us from the sun, the solar panels have been working excellent for us and out battery bank keeps us in power for the nights.





  1. Lisa says:

    awh man, here in oklahoma its 104 and its hard to think about winter but we must! being prepared is the only way to live this way in comfort. My first winter I was obsessed with colecting dry kindling totally OCD about it. I guess we better go out and mark our trees. thanks for the reality check 🙂

    • Sonny says:

      Boy, we certainly understand the heat situation here also. Hoovering near 100 degrees and a ton of humity have kept us soaked with sweat about 5 minutes after we start.

      Two years ago we were still building our place and only stayed the weekends. Last year we were fully engaged here and got a good understanding how cold living in our WV valley meant. Nice in the summer evenings but can hit -5 degrees in the winter (without chill factor added). We did damage control and hope to wrap up a few of those issues this year before the real winter returns.

  2. Mom and Dad burn lots of wood too, but we do it the easy way and buy it from a lumber yard. LOL. Good luck

    • Sonny says:

      I understand. We are sitting in 70 acres of woods though. With us starting to cut and split early it should give us plenty of time. Good exercise for me also.

    • lkjobe says:

      Yea, I remember helping Dad load and unload slab wood from the Amish sawmill. It worked real well. Wood heat keeps you nice and toasty on a cold winter day. Tell everyone I said hello.

  3. james bates says:

    It is pretty there at PHF. That wood will keep your HE-men in shape.

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