Hey Pop! I need the keys.


Tractor Training

These are a couple of pics from the weekend. Sonny and Harold are getting ready to cut that tree down that is stuck in the crook of another tree. I am still waiting for Clarissa to send me a few more pics of them doing the job, but as you can tell she has her hands full with little Duke.

Yesterday I made eight pints of string beans we picked from the garden. Two of the jars did not seal so I put them in the fridge and we will eat them this weekend. Today will be hot and rainy so I got up early this morning to slice cucumbers and onions to make more pickles. They have to set in ice water for three hours. Just noticed I’m short on vinegar. Time to grab the keys and head into town. No Duke, Mimzy is not going to drive the tractor to town.




  1. Pat Jobe says:

    Duke is really a cute kid. wish we could see him. He has two good teachers.

  2. james bates says:

    Thanks for the pics, duke looks soooo cute. You all are blessed. Have fun.

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