Anybody need some cucumbers, squash and zucchini?  I have some to spare. I don’t have much room in the refrigerator to store them. I could make room if I cleaned it out, but the leftover monsters that congregate on the back of the shelves frighten me. They seem to be expanding their territory, creeping slightly closer to the front of the fridge every day. Soon I will be forced to gather together my courage and battle the refrigerator beasties, winning a victory as I wrestle them into the trash can. Until then the over abundance of cukes, squash and zucchini will be stored in the cool root cellar.

Today I decided to use some of those cucumbers to make sweet pickle relish. I have never made it before and thought it might be fun to try. We like to add a little relish, or sweet pickles in tuna salad or chicken salad. Some chilled chicken salad slathered on fresh bread and a big glass of iced tea is always good for a summer lunch. Oh, and add some cucumber and onion fresh out of the garden on the side.

Theres a lot of chopping going on.

Thankfully there was a  breeze blowing through the windows today and it cooled the sweat of my brow as I canned up seven half pints of sweet pickle relish.  My kitchen island and counter tops were cluttered with all my canning tools, measure cups, and cutting boards, various bowls and strainers, bubbling pots and sanitized jars. The pleasant aroma of freshly chopped cucumbers, onions and sweet peppers rode on the breeze and scented the house. The Ball Blue Book Guide to Canning and Preserving was turned to page 54 and I followed the recipe precisely.

Sweet Pickle Relish

Hopefully the sweet pickle relish will be as tasty as it looks. Would you like a chicken salad sandwich and a glass of iced tea? We have to eat it all though, cause if there are any leftovers I’m letting you open the refrigerator door.





  1. james bates says:

    I’ll take some…..IF ya cook it for me.lol

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