It was hotter than the hinges of hell today but my cucumbers would not wait another day to be canned up into bread and butter pickles. I picked a few more this morning to add to my stockpile and also went ahead and pulled up the white onions. They would be great added to the pickles mixture along with vinegar and seasonings.

The cucumbers and onions had to sit in ice water for three hours so I was not able to start canning until after noon. The kitchen was on the warm side with the hot water canner boiling and steam puffing out from under the lid. The fans in the house kept things under control and it only takes 10 minutes to process the jars.

What a feeling to make a product from vegetables grown in our own garden. They will look nice sitting on the root cellar shelves and taste even better on a cold frosty day in winter. A little reminder of summer on a drab day. Yum.

Eight pints of bread and butter pickles.


3 Responses to PHF PICKLES

  1. Pat Jobe says:

    Boy your pickles look great. where do you find all the reciepts.

  2. ron says:

    lucky u
    i got my cukes out late
    only picked 4 so far
    as soon as they start producing my co-workers dread when i show up with bags for them to take home filled with cucumbers and tomatoes

  3. james bates says:

    Hey looks good. Good job by the way.

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