It’s been a busy week. Sunday I drove my parents back to Delaware. I made a mistake on the last blog entry. Its six hours to Delaware not four. I dropped my parents off on Sunday and my sister came back with me on Monday. We have had a great time relaxing on the porch swing and doing some girly shopping together. Today most of our dinner was made with ingredients grown right here on Pot Hole Farm. Someday we hope to never go to the grocery store again or very seldom which would make me totally happy since I hate to grocery shop. I would much rather pick up my groceries straight from the garden or the root cellar.

PHF's bounty. Cabbage, squash, lettuce, strawberries. wild raspberries and eggs.

This year the wild black raspberries are growing in abundance. My sister and I found numerous bushes of them right here on our property. Unfortunately some of them are difficult to get to, but we will find a way.

The garden is doing well although something has eaten the heck out of our cabbage plants. We were able to save a few so not all was lost. Everything else seems to be on the road for a successful harvest.



4 Responses to BUSY WEEK

  1. R. Wilson says:

    Wow! Everything you guys do brings back my childhood memories. Yellow squash? My favorite and they produced, produced and produced and we always froze enough until the next season. I miss real farm eggs, tomatoes, okra, all sorts of beans, potatoes (though I hated digging them up by hand (to keep from cutting them with a plow) before putting them in the cellar), corn we would shuck then cut down the cobb and freeze bags oer kernals at a time, etc. etc. etc. xx You’ll get where you want to be with freezing/canning after a good couple of seasons, a good huge freezer and cellar. xx Hope to visit one day if you’ll have me. All the best – R

    • Linda says:

      Hey Rich,
      We would love for you to come out for a visit anytime. Mom and Dad often ask about you and have fond memories of your visit with them. Once your a friend you become family.

  2. Sonny says:

    That was a excellent dinner also.

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