My parents have been visiting PHF this week. Sonny and I have sure enjoyed their company and although they only live about four hours away it is difficult to visit as often as we would like. My father is 88 years old and my mother is 82, but you would never know it. Sometimes I can’t even keep up with them. Dad has been helping in the garden and we value his advice and of course Mom has helped in the kitchen.

Dad watering the garden.

Yesterday my dad washed the Dirt Mobile, saying that he would be embarrassed to ride in it down the highway. Can’t say I blame him. It was covered in dust and mud. I don’t want to share my West Virginia dirt with Delaware anyway. I’m not sure the flat landers would know what to do with it.

We do a lot of laughing around here and believe me there is usually something to tickle your funny bone. The best one this week was when my dad got ready to get into bed the first night of his visit. Sonny had cut the wood slats a little short and part of it was my fault, because when I put the bed together I didn’t have it set quite right, so the measurements were wrong. When my dad started to get into the bed the slats bowed a little and the mattress along with my dad and his dog Heidi were on the floor. His expression of surprise was worth a million dollars. Even the dog looked shocked with her big brown saucer eyes. We fixed the problem and Dad has had restful sleep ever since.

I’ll soon be driving them back home and picking up my sister for her visit. I will bring them back in the fall to enjoy the colorful foliage. I wish I could see my family more often, but farm life does not allow for much travel especially this time of year.

Enjoying lunch under the shade tree.




  1. James Bates says:

    ha ha about your father and the bed, had it happened to me before and yes it is a shock, because I reckon you never expect something like that to happen.

  2. Rich Wilson says:

    Wow! What a great blog. I am soooo very happy to hear about your parents (minus the shock and awe your dad must have experiened with the bed:-)).. I should have asked you about them a long time ago. I am glad you all enjoyed your time together at PHF. Not sure they would remember me, but, if it ever comes up please give them my best.

  3. Heidi says:

    Wow! Your dad doesn’t look a day over 60! What a great time šŸ™‚ Glad you got to spend some time with them!

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