The little guinea chicks are six days old now and growing like weeds. There is a constant chorus of chirps coming from the box, the only exception being when they are stretched out in guinea slumber.

They are developing quickly and should be with the amount of feed they consume. If its not the sound of chirping its the sound of little yellow beaks pecking the sides and bottom of the box. Tiny black eyes are becoming keen in preparation to see bugs crawling on the side of the house or hanging on a leaf.

They are making up their own games, teaching themselves how to be swift of foot and quick of beak. Today I checked in on them and discovered that a guinea football game had broken out. One of the chicks had figured out how to tear off a piece of the newspaper that lines the box. He was racing around the small enclosure zigging and zagging, the strip of paper hanging out of his beak like a wiggly worm. The other six chicks chased behind him, their beaks frantically snapping for the waving paper.

I’m not sure who won the match, but when I checked on them a few minutes ago they were all asleep in a feathery pile. It was hard to tell where one guinea started and another one ended. Maybe they finally tackled the chick with the paper strip and collapsed from exhaustion where they fell.

The box is quiet now. No pecking, scraping or chirping. I give it about a half an hour for the second quarter to start.


3 Responses to GUINEA FOOTBALL

  1. ron says:

    i thought i was only 1 that watched poultry sports
    throw in a handful if 1 inch long pieces of grass and let the games begin
    it healthy for them
    they will pick out 1 piece of grass and chase all over place
    i watch baby chicks do this for hours every spring

    but then i am easily amused

  2. lkjobe says:

    Superbowl Sunday is coming.

  3. Rich Wilson says:

    Ahh. Anytime a guinea has something “new” the others want it to see how it tastes. I agree with Ron as I’ve seen it too!

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