For a few weeks now we have had a furry freeloader with sea green eyes peeking at us through the weeds. A bowl full of kitty kibble can coax him out and after working with him, he now allows us to pet him. He wants so much to become a part of PHF, but is still a little leery of fast movements. Especially of Ruby who likes to chase him away.

I have named him Sampson because he has long silky fur and a handsome face. I have no clue where he came from, but he looks healthy and makes me think he once belonged to a family. He may have come from one of the farms down the way or maybe someone dropped him off. Either way he has decided this is his home.

For now he tends to hide out in the grass, but I hear him meow at me whenever I come outside. He doesn’t get along very well with Moby and I have to say it isn’t Moby’s fault. Moby steers clear of his presence. Maybe in time they will become friends.

I believe Sampson is a friendly cat that is frightened of his situation. He looks like he was well taken care of at one time and is used to other animals and people. He has never bothered the guineas or chickens and didn’t even growl at Roo Roo when he stuck his beak into his face while he was eating. I think Roo Roo thought Sampson should share his dinner.

It will take a while to build his trust in us and realize that Ruby is just a big softy who wants to play. Hopefully Sampson will eventually blend in with rest of freeloaders that inhabit PHF.

More Please.

You gonna eat all that?

Note: The little guineas are doing great and are already trying to eat us out of house and home. They rested comfortably last night and today we went ahead and put on a heat lamp. The sun was shining all day and kept the solar panels charged up allowing us to keep the lamp running. They have already found their voices and never stop chirping or eating.



2 Responses to THE FREELOADER

  1. ron says:

    I use a standard 60 watt lite bulb for heatlamp
    with cheep aluminium disposable roasting pan for reflecter
    during day can turn lite off when temp warm up to 80.

    This time of year you might get by with 40 watt
    just so they have 80 degrees at floor level

    Guineas are amusing at any age.

  2. James Bates says:

    lucky cat to find a good home

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