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Surrogate mother Turkey Lady of Two Lynne’s Farm has successfully hatched a brood of seven guineas. The boisterous babies emerged from their shells two days ago and were immediately transferred to a temperature controlled environment. There are six pearl guineas and one pied guinea (a real gift).

The biological parents of these seven youngsters were also born and raised at Two Lynne’s Farm until relocating to Pot Hole Farm last year. Mama guinea tried to hatch the little ones herself but unfortunately was attacked by a predator while sitting on the nest. She would be proud of her little ones and thankful that Turkey Lady was able to take over the task.

This afternoon the babies were placed into a hay lined box, loaded into the dirt mobile and carefully transported to their parents home at Pot Hole Farm. The babies are now snuggled comfortably together in a nursery box filled with hay and a soft crocheted hat for a crib. Since Pot Hole Farm does not have the ability to use a heat lamp a hot water bottle will be used to keep them warm. Updates will be given as news events happen.


Having a snack.

Wow, new digs.


One Response to NEWS FLASH!

  1. Sonny says:

    Wow, now there will be 10 barking Guineas at PHF. The 3 adults seem to go off on nearly anything. Good thing we don’t have anyone living near us.

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