Today was a scorcher! The temps lingered around 98 and I even saw it rise up to 100. The heat index was about 110 or more and believe me it sure felt like it. Ruby panted at high speed and the cats barely moved a muscle. I kept the fluids going and indulged in a little siesta in the afternoon.

It was too hot to do much outside so I worked on the mud room. With family coming soon to visit it has to be made back into a guest room. I got the bed frame put up and tried to put everything else together like puzzle pieces to make it all fit. You would think that with all the stuff we got rid of before we moved here there would be plenty of room.

Working today required lots of rest periods between jobs. In heat like this everything you do must be done in slow motion and what doesn’t get done will be there tomorrow, which should be more than 10 degrees cooler.

The heat didn’t seem to bother the chickens or the guineas. Tonight when I drove the Kubota back to check on the frat boys they put up a road block at the garage where all the feed is kept. The chickens and guineas formed a procession line in front of the Kubota. If they could have I think they would have carried signs that said “We want scratch and we want it now!” I do believe that was what they were chanting as I tried to break the line with the nose of the Kubota, but they were too strong and I had to stop and throw out some scratch before all mayhem broke loose. With them finally appeased I was able to get on with my business.

The heat is finally starting to abate a little and Ruby has stopped panting. Annie still has not moved off of the couch but thats ok… I’m about to join her.


One Response to SCORCHER

  1. James Bates says:

    I know what ya mean about HOT. whew it has been very hot down here too. Some of my work is in attics and on roofs. You know it’s hot when ya come out of a mechincal room on a roof and it feels cooler on the roof.

    Don’t let them frat boys, take advantage of ya….make em behave.

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