Sonny's new grill.

Sonny liked his new birthday grill so much that he wouldn’t let me put the cover on it. He had to sit on the porch swing and admire it a while. I think it even has a compass in the stock ( you know what I mean if you have seen “The Christmas Story” about the Red Rider BB gun with a compass on the stock and a thingy that tells time). At least he won’t shoot his eye out with this, but he might have to watch out for some flying hamburgers. Looking forward to some good BBQ next weekend.


3 Responses to EARLY B-DAY PRESENT

  1. James Bates says:

    sweet….happy birthday Sonny

  2. R. Wilson says:

    Very nice brother! Love it and enjoy. The pothole will provide seasonally for all you need to truly enjoy a beauty like that. Happy Birthday! – Rich

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