Our little Phoebe has a full nest again. She has returned to the same nest located on the down spout right outside the bathroom window for about three years now. These babies are her first brood this year and she will have another one after these are grown and fly away. From the looks of them it won’t be long. Mama Phoebe is there on the right tending her young. There is no room now for her to actually get into the nest. It is always a joy to watch her little family hatch and grow up.

A full nest.


5 Responses to FULL NEST

  1. James Bates says:

    what kind of bird it that, a dove?

  2. lkjobe says:

    You have misplaced your glasses again haven’t you. A phoebe is much smaller than a dove and is a flycatcher.

  3. Pat Jobe says:

    our blue birds are here again. and are nesting. i heard some cheeping as I approached their nest. nothing I like better than waiting every year for our blue birds to come and so far they havent disapointed us.

  4. lkjobe says:

    I have seen our bluebirds this year, but I don’t think they are nesting in the bluebird box. They must have found cheaper rent someplace else.

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