I have noticed that my pigs are not early risers. I don’t believe they get up before 10:00 a.m. even when their breakfast is delivered. As fast as they grow you would think they would be hungry all the time and be especially anxious for their morning feed.

My black rubber wellies made a squish slurp sound as I trudged through the mud at about 7:30 this morning, a galvanized bucket of pig feed swinging in my right hand. The pasture is still so wet and muddy that I can’t drive the RTV back to the pig palace. As I approached the fence I could see a mound of pink skinned piggies piled on a hay mattress in the left corner of the pig shelter. It looked like a frat house after a long night of partying.

No one moved or appeared to be alive as I poured their morning cereal into the feed bowl. I hollered out “It’s time to get up!”  The only response I received was an aggravated twitch coming from the back of a pig facing away from me. Another one slowly lifted its head, blinked a few times and then yawned. What did they expect breakfast in bed? This is a farm not the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

I hollered  again and beat on the bucket trying to get some reaction from them. Again no one moved except for the aggravated twitch of a back. My motto is usually that if I’m awake then everybody should be awake but today I left them to their sleepy stupor. I don’t know whats going on out there at night, but I suspect the wild turkeys are bringing in some moonshine for boys.

As usual the chickens were wide awake. The rooster was crowing “Let us out” as I walked past the coop and I yelled back, “Lay your eggs!” If I let them out too early then I find eggs in other places, so I usually let them out at about 9:00 or 10:00. I have one hen in particular that likes to lay her eggs anywhere but in the coop. Today there were four eggs in the nesting basket of the coop when I let everyone out and later on when I rechecked there was one more. So today she was a good girl and laid her egg in the right place.

The little hens are growing up fast. They now get up on the roost at night instead of hiding behind the nesting basket or feed bin. The four of them mill around the farm together like a little clique. They don’t follow the others and still like to stay in the vicinity of the coop, but as soon as they are old enough I’m sure Roo Roo will have them rounded up with the rest of his harem. I just hope that wild turkey with the moonshine doesn’t corrupt my chickens like it did those frat house pigs.

Young hen looking for bugs in the grass.

I don't want my picture taken.



  1. Sonny says:

    You darn Woodchucks – Stop chucking my Wood.

  2. James Bates says:

    lol that is funny. Apparently they don’t realize yet, if momma isn’t happy NOBODY is happy.

  3. Rich Wilson says:

    Linda/Sonny, I read them all, just not always the day I receive them. Still LOVE getting your news. What an adventure you both are having!!

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