PHF was full of surprises today. First John and Carol called this morning and offered to come over and help us get the broken down greenhouse back together. I think they got tired of hearing me whine about it or maybe it was having to look at its creepy skeletal frame ominously sitting in the yard every time they came to visit. With stormy black clouds looming above and peeking through its missing panes it could have been a prop for a haunted scene in a horror flick. But no more. Its good as new.

Making repairs.

We moved it from its original location and put it across the driveway opposite of the garden. This way if we want to expand the garden some more we have room and don’t have to try to relocate the greenhouse again. Everything went back together just like it was before except that we could not tell which side of the panes were UV resistant. When we originally installed the panes the first time they had a sticker attached that indicated the UV side. Of course we removed all of those before the wind blew the greenhouse to kingdom come. The company said if the wrong side was facing out it would turn yellow in a few years. Well, we can’t do much about that and it won’t interfere with the performance of the greenhouse in any way. It might just look like a patchwork quilt in few years with its yellow and white panes. Oh, and it is anchored down too. We still need to put some gravel in the inside, but it is ready to start new plants whenever needed.

Good as new.

While we were working on the greenhouse John heard a guinea call from the direction of the pasture next to the driveway. It was not one of the three guineas milling about and one of the males immediately went running toward the direction it came from. Carol and I walked over and searched to see if we could find a nest. There must be one. We looked deep into bushes and grass but could not find anything until all of a sudden Carol yelled “There she is.” She was in plain sight and we had looked all around her. She was sitting with her wings spread slightly out protecting her nest of eggs.

Sitting on her nest.

Later when she went to feed we snuck back to see how many eggs she had in the nest. She is sitting on about twenty-two eggs.

Guinea eggs.

We are so excited that we may have some little guineas, but I have read that guinea mothers are not the best moms. Most of the little ones do not survive due to the fact that the mothers take them out into the wet grass and they get cold or predators get them. Sonny and I are debating on whether or not to move her nest into the dog kennel and put it into the pole barn or let nature take its course. I don’t know if by disturbing the nest she might abandon them or not. It would be wonderful if we could successfully raise the first babies born to PHF.


6 Responses to SURPRISE, SURPRISE!

  1. ron says:

    i b more than happy to give u couple setting banty hens to put eggs under
    if want, let me know where to meet u at

    if u decide to move, do after dark
    put in dog kennel or cage with door on for 24 hours in quiet area,
    guineas are nervous and dont take to being moved well

    but then u got to take chance the nite critters dont get her if not moved

  2. ron says:

    and when they hatch keep mom and babies in dry for week or too before letting outside

  3. James Bates says:

    WOW look at all those eggs, I hope you all at least get a small hand few out of them. Glad to know, that one didn’t really didn’t meet Mr. Fox or Mr. Bear. I thought for sure, it turn out to be a feast for a fox.

    And that Green House looks just like a new one. good job

    • Sonny says:

      We decided to let her sit on them in their current location. If it works out then good if not… oh well. We checked on her again today and she was keeping them warm.

  4. Pat Jobe says:

    I never would have thought a hen would lay that many eggs. Hope you get some little ones. They will be so cute.

    • Sonny says:

      Actually there are 2 hens involved here. There is just one who is willing to do the sitting. Pretty sure both were layers.

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