Monday is usually my day to do my weekly shopping. We live about an hour away from the town of Bridgeport which is our shopping hub for the large box stores and also any needed doctors office visits. I happened to have an appointment this morning so instead of making two trips to town this week I held off until today to run all of my errands.

I loaded a cooler into the back of the Dirt Mobile last night so I wouldn’t forget to take it, (its happened before).  Today’s temperatures were in the high seventies and refrigerator groceries won’t last long in a hot car. There are a hundred projects that need to be done here at PHF especially while there is good weather, but sometimes you don’t get a choice in the matter.

By the time I left town in the late afternoon the Dirt Mobile was laden down with twenty pound bags of dog and cat food, squash plants, a raspberry bush, fencing, groceries and a tank full of expensive diesel fuel. It felt good to finally get off my feet and settle behind the steering wheel, a frosty Starbucks Mocha Frappe with extra coffee sitting in the mug holder beside me. Shopping can be exhausting you know, especially for a farm girl who would rather be getting her garden planted.

Waiting to be planted.

I did manage to find time to weed and work up the soil around one of the Hydrangea bushes my sister and I planted last spring. I bought a pretty fence to put around it today and I was anxious to get it in place. The soil in the flower bed was so hard it was like trying to hoe up a concrete slab but, I was able to loosen it up with some muscle and determination. That Starbucks Frappe must have given me some extra umph. I think  some mulch is definitely needed to keep the soil moist. I’ll have to jot that down on the next shopping list.

Pretty fence.


4 Responses to I MIGHT AS WELL SHOP

  1. Sonny says:

    Looks great.

  2. Sonny says:

    If the chickens come near the flowers – kick to the head. LoL

  3. Pat Jobe says:

    looks nice… you have become a real country gal.

  4. Rich Wilson says:

    I’ll bet by now it’s beautifull!

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